Monday Morning Memo: Stephen Miller’s Explosive Interview, Golden Globes, and More!

Miller Versus Tapper

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller appeared on Jake Tapper’s CNN show on Saturday, ostensibly to defend President Trump from salacious stories in the new book Fire and Fury. Miller quickly became frustrated and called the book “nothing but a pile of trash.” He slammed Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff, all while praising Trump’s intelligence. Trump took to Twitter, where he called himself “a very stable genius.”

Bannon Backtracks

Bannon tried to do damage control from his statements accusing Donald J. Trump, Jr. of treason. He called the President’s son “a patriot and a good man,” and said he intended the “treason” comments for Paul Manafort, not Trump, Jr.

Hollywood Sexism

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place on Sunday night, before a crowd of A-listers who dressed almost entirely in black. The black attire was meant to show support for victims of sexual misconduct. Several acceptance speeches called out Hollywood’s culture of misogyny. Elisabeth Moss spoke out for women, leading many to call out her hypocrisy (Moss is a Scientologist, a religious group that covers up the crimes of powerful men). Debra Messing called out E! during a red carpet interview with the network. She stated that E! pays its female stars less than their male counterparts.

Airport Chaos

JFK airport near New York City suffered severe damage from harsh winter weather. Delays kept arriving passengers stuck on planes for hours, and in some cases, almost an entire day. A water main break in Terminal 4 delayed hundreds of flights and cancelled 143 of them.

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