New York City Pipe Bomber Fails to Harm Anyone But Himself in Subway Attack

An ISIS-inspired attacker attempted to detonate a pipe bomb in the New York City subway system on Monday morning. The suspect, Akayed Ullah, failed to cause serious injury to anyone but himself.

Ullah, a 27 year old former taxi driver, is an immigrant from Bangladesh who settled in Brooklyn. Ullah attached a low-tech explosive device to himself with “velcro and plastic ties,” investigators told Fox News. It also included Christmas lights, matches, and a 9-volt battery, used to detonate the device. Surveillance cameras captured images of Ullah as he completed the circuits and detonated the pipe bomb.

Three commuters had headaches and ringing ears from the blast, but there were no other injuries except to Ullah himself, who failed to end his own life or anyone else’s. He did, however, suffer severe burns and other shrapnel-type wounds. He is currently at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Diversity Visa Lottery and Chain Migration

According to CBS News, Ullah came to the United States at the age of 11, on an immigrant visa with the rest of his family. He came to the United States through chain migration. The BBC explains that Ullah had an F43 visa, meaning he was the child of someone holding an F41 visa. The government grants F41 visas to the siblings of naturalized American citizens over the age of 21. Ullah came to America through either an aunt or an uncle who won the diversity visa lottery.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed out that under President Trump’s desired immigration policy, Ullah would not have been able to enter the United States. Ullah reportedly was “inspired by the Islamic State,” but authorities do not believe he had any direct contact with the group.

Security experts say that heightened protocols – such as searching or scanning each passenger – would be nearly impossible to implement. Many also worry that long lines and crowding would be a huge soft target for terrorist attacks. Security analyst Max Leitschuh says that dealing with lone wolf attacks such as Ullah’s is “much more difficult” than trying to prevent organized group attacks such as 9/11.

The attack delayed some New York commuters by two hours.

ICE Agents Use Digital Advocacy to Secure the Border

Border patrol agents are banding together as part of a grassroots campaign to reform their agency. U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees want swift and decisive action from the President, and they’re using digital media to accomplish their objectives.

The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, made up of ICE employees and supporters of tight border security, claims that ICE is mismanaging employees and risking our national security. The group’s president, Chris Crane, called on the administration to “take measures to ensure the safety of our law enforcement officers” and “drain the swamp at ICE.”

Government Bias at the Border

Obama-era officials still hold jobs at ICE, and border agents expressed frustration at these bureaucrats who hinder the agency’s important work. “ICE has become so politicized that it no longer operates as an effective law enforcement agency,” Crane said.

Crane also cited instances of managers directing agents not to wear bullet-proof vests on the job, leaving them vulnerable to criminals with guns. Additionally, local officials sometimes give illegal immigrants advance warning of ICE activities, effectively encouraging them to hide.

This group of agents also alleges that ICE’s internal policies are biased against field agents. If these accusations are true, they indicate great unwillingness by career bureaucrats to properly secure America’s borders.

Advocates Taking Action

America’s border patrol agents are not, however, sitting on the sidelines and waiting for things to improve on their own. They have started their own website – – to allow whistleblowers to report wrongdoing in their offices. The site aims to expose the abuses of power and hold bureaucrats accountable.

On the website, these ICE employees declared their support for President Trump and their respect for standard reporting procedures. The group notes that it is acting outside the normal chain of command because the normal process yielded no results. “Unable to penetrate your staff and communicate with you, we were left with no choice but communicate publicly,” Crane wrote. These agents are taking matters into their own hands, and draining their own swamp.

Diversity Visa Lottery Brings in People from Terror States

The Diversity Visa Lottery has granted nearly 30,000 visas to immigrants from terror states since 2007. Under the program, the government distributes visas to applicants at random. This means that if a heart surgeon and an unskilled person both apply for a visa, they each have the same odds of winning.

Millions of people meet the eligibility requirements for diversity visas. An applicant needs only a high school education and two years of work experience to qualify. These visas function like green cards, so people around the world call such a visa a “golden ticket.” Would-be migrants seek these visas in droves: In 2015, over 9.4 million eligible people applied for diversity visas.

Proponents of merit-based immigration argue that the diversity visa lottery leaves too much to chance. President Trump has argued for a merit-based immigration system, similar to the one used in Canada.

Visas for Citizens of Terror States

When the United States grants a diversity visa, the recipient can live in America permanently. After 5 years, the green card holder may apply for U.S. citizenship. The State Department hands out 50,000 of these visas each year.

Syria, Sudan, and Iran all deliberately fund terrorist groups. They encourage their own citizens to commit political violence. Because of this, distributing visas without intense vetting poses a unique danger to America. Dangers lurk beyond the terror states, too. Last month, a terrorist killed 8 people in New York City by ramming a truck on a busy sidewalk. That man came to America from his native Uzbekistan on a diversity visa.

In 1990, Senator Chuck Schumer helped build the diversity visa lottery program. However, he also joined the “Gang of 8” bill that would have eliminated the program. Members of Congress noted the dangers of the program back in 2004. A report from the House Judiciary Committee stated, “Any potential terrorist who did win the diversity visa lottery could live here freely, and come and go with little scrutiny.”

What You Can Do

Do you want to save, or slash, the diversity visa lottery program? Head to StandUnited to start the petition. When you do, we’ll feature it on this post!

Only ONE Border Wall Prototype Has This Security Feature

Construction companies are building 8 prototypes of the proposed border wall with Mexico, and each design has different materials and architecture. Only one of them, however, has parts that are see-through.

Why Materials Matter

President Trump’s White House had initially favored a solid concrete wall, but Customs and Border Patrol later asked him to accept proposals for transparent walls, too. A wall with sections made of enforced glass, strong plastic, or any other tough but transparent material has a security benefit. A see-through wall would allow Border Patrol agents to see what’s happening on the other side.

The current border wall near San Diego stands 10 feet tall at its highest point. It’s made of landing pads left over from the Vietnam War. To keep the designs cost-effective, most companies chose not to use only solid concrete. Some of the designs have metal bars or metal panels, though reinforced concrete serves as the major structural component.

Risks and Benefits

Customs and Border Patrol will soon begin testing the prototypes for security and durability. Officials will analyze how easy or difficult it is to tunnel beneath, cut through, or climb over each sample wall. The transparent wall has unique security advantages and drawbacks. One Border Patrol Agent told AZCentral, “It’s good to be able to see through the south side. We can see them, they can see us. But in a way, it can be negative because we’re always being watched. They always can see us. It goes both ways.”

During the request for proposals phase, one company submitted a design with one-way glass. That wall would allow Americans to look into Mexico, but not the other way around. That design didn’t make the cut for the prototype phase.

High Schooler Shot Dead by Illegal Immigrant

On October 4th, police found the body of Diana Martinez-Gonzalez in the woods near Greenville, South Carolina. The 18 year old had just started her junior year at Greenville High School. An illegal immigrant shot and killed her.

Daniel De Jesus Rangel Sherrer, age 19, believed that Martinez-Gonzalez had spread some sort of rumor about him. He chased her down, shot her, and left her to die in the woods. Officials say that he also held another victim against her will, but that the second victim managed to escape.

Perpetrator Here Illegally

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed to the public that Sherrer, a Mexican national, illegally immigrated to the United States. ICE has issued a detainer for him, which may lead to deportation. Sherrer confessed immediately when approached by deputies, and a judge denied him bond.

Sherrer believed that his victim had been spreading rumors about him, and he killed her as an act of revenge. He will remain in jail before his court hearing. Diana Martinez-Gonzalez leaves behind her parents, a brother, and a sister.


Illegal Immigrant Kills 3, Gets Shockingly Light Sentence

Courtney Hacking’s life changed forever on March 31, 2016. That day, Margarito Quintero-Rosales drove his vehicle head-on into her family’s car. The collision killed her husband, Peter, and their children, Ellie and Grayson.

Quintero-Rosales is an illegal immigrant. He did not hold a driver’s license on the day he made Courtney Hacking a widow. Quintero-Rosales fell asleep at the wheel, and then swerved into the Hackings’ car.

In contrast to his killer, Peter Hacking was a volunteer firefighter who immigrated to the United States legally from the United Kingdom.

An Insulting Sentence

Last week, Quintero-Rosales plead guilty to criminally negligent homicide. The Texas court sentenced him to serve two years in prison. Courtney Hacking felt betrayed by the justice system. Days ago, she told Fox & Friends, “To me, being illegal in this country was a crime on its own, so I don’t understand how he did get only two years. To me, I take it offensively. I take it personally.”


Four months from now, Rosales will walk free from prison. (He has been incarcerated since the accident). On that day, Courtney Hacking will still be grieving her husband and two of her children…and Rosales will still be an illegal immigrant.

AG Sessions Rescinds DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is headed for closure in 6 months. The program, created by an Obama-era executive order, allowed illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to obtain work permits. DACA recipients, also called DREAMers, were considered ineligible for deportation for two years.

All illegal immigrants currently enrolled in DACA will be allowed to continue the remainder of their 2-year terms. However, the DACA program will stop accepting new applicants.

Economic Impacts

DACA supporters claim that 91% of all recipients are employed, and revoking their work permits could have a devastating economic impact. However, DACA opponents see that high employment number as a sign that DACA recipients are taking jobs that could otherwise employ American citizens.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook have spoken out in favor of DACA.

Deportations and Border Crossings

The end of DACA does not mean that the program’s current participants will be deported. Instead, their work permits will expire. Rescinding DACA could pave the way for more deportations, but its biggest impact won’t be felt in immigration court.

Instead, the end of DACA will appear most profoundly at the southern border. Parents in Mexico and Central America now have less incentive to bring their children across the border illegally. Those children will not have access to work permits, nor will they be protected from deportation.

Will Congress Act?

Congress never voted on DACA, as it was instated by executive order. Now, Trump wants Congress to work on a solution to this unique immigration problem.

17-Year-Old Nabra Hassanen Killed by Illegal Immigrant

At 3:00 AM on June 18, Nabra Hassanen and her friends were on their way back from the All Dulles Area Muslim Society. They had gathered as a community in observance of the last 10 days of Ramadan. This would be the last time that Hassanen was seen alive.

At this same time, Darwin Martin Torres was driving near where Hassanen and her friends were walking. He started arguing with them and quickly turned violent. Torres grabbed a bat and got out of his car. The group scattered, but Hassanen couldn’t get away in time. Torres began assaulting her with the bat. Her friends quickly realized that she had been abducted, and reported her immediately to both the Loudon County and Fairfax County police departments.

Death by Illegal Immigrant

Hassanen’s remains were found the next afternoon. She was 17 years old. Her killer was 22 – and here in this country illegally.

Fairfax County police obtained a warrant that charged him for murder. He is has been denied bail and has been appointed a public defender.

Immigration authorities have lodged a detainer on Torres with the Adult Detention Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed that Torres, a native of El Salvador, resided in the United States illegally.

A Preventable Death

This tragic story is all too common. An innocent girl died at the hands of an illegal alien, just like in the Katie Steinle case several years ago. If Torres had been unable to cross the border, or caught before he murdered someone, a family and community wouldn’t be grieving the loss of a young woman today.

ICE Cannot Access Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver

Jose Acevedo, 43, drove drunk – and without a license – in Auburn, Massachusetts last week. He slammed into a 2015 Subaru Outback which was carrying a family of four. Acebedo’s blood alcohol level registered at 0.26–more than three times the legal limit.  Because of his reckless actions, two of the four members of the Gould family suffered injuries. Mrs. Gould might have a broken neck.

Who is Jose Acevedo?

Acevedo admitted to being in the country illegally. He claims that he entered the U.S. illegally through Mexico from his home country of El Salvador. As a result of his illegal status, Acevedo had no drivers license. On the day of the crash, Acevedo had already been arrested earlier that same day for operating a vehicle without a license. He went to court to pay fines for that crime.

As a dangerous criminal, Acevedo represents the worst of the illegal immigrant population. He threatens the lives and well-being of innocent people like the Gould family.

Enforcing Immigration Law

Unfortunately, there are impediments to removing even such a dangerous individual from our society. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been unable thus far to determine Acevedo’s status, as a court supervisor denied agents access to him.

ICE Spokesperson, Shawn Neudauer explained that “a court supervisor would not allow ICE officers to speak to Mr. Acevedo until the local court appointed an attorney to him in his state criminal proceedings.” ICE cannot verify his status as an illegal immigrant until Acevedo is properly interviewed by officers and his biological data is compared against federal immigration records.

Serving Justice

The Gould Family is focusing on making sure Acevedo cannot drive again. “Our concern is that he has chosen not to follow the laws. He has shown it multiple times,” says Carly Gould.

By preventing ICE from interviewing Acevedo, the court is allowing this dangerous criminal to keep living in America. Local laws that shield illegal immigrants, such as those in sanctuary cities, pose threats to Americans by harboring dangerous individuals like Acevedo.

Traverse City at Risk of “Sanctuary” Status

Last month, Traverse City formed a Human Rights Commission to discuss becoming a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.  The commission will determine if the city should become a sanctuary or not.  Sanctuary cities ignore federal immigration law while using tax money to benefit illegal immigrants.

Leftists and Democrats have been long-time supporters of so-called “sanctuary cities.”  In other words, they call on the federal government to continue funding cities and counties that have chosen to ignore federal immigration law.

History of Sanctuary Cities

A sanctuary city is one that fails to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.  If an illegal immigrant commits a crime in a sanctuary city, the police will not report them to immigration authorities. This keeps dangerous criminals in America, all for the sake of political correctness. Some see sanctuary cities as being “inclusive” and “welcoming” to all people. They insist that an illegal immigrant who commits an additional crime (after illegal immigration itself, which is a felony) should not be deported.

There is no problem with welcoming legal immigrants and visitors to our country. But, harboring and exempting illegal immigrants from the law is both illegal and harmful to Americans.  On the campaign trail, President Trump promised to withhold all federal funding from sanctuary cities. Why should federal money go to cities who ignore federal law?

Unsurprisingly, Democrats have tried to stop Trump’s efforts to enforce immigration laws.  Obama-appointee Judge William Orrick III ruled against President Trump’s January executive order to take funds away from sanctuary cities, citing it as unconstitutional.  This is ironic, because sanctuary cities themselves are unconstitutional.  However, there is a simple solution: Stop cities and counties from becoming sanctuary cities in the first place.  This starts locally.

The Case with Michigan

The first sanctuary city in Michigan–Lansing–declared itself as such on April 3rd of this year.  Less than a week and a half later, on April 12th, it revoked this declaration.  Illegal immigrants have a sanctuary in those cities, but citizens have no sanctuary from crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Officials in Traverse City should learn from Lansing’s attempt at sanctuary status.  The Traverse City Human Rights Commission should protect the rights of its legal constituents by stopping Traverse City from becoming a sanctuary city.