Roy Moore Has New Accuser, Loses Endorsements

Another accuser has come forward against embattled judge and Congressional candidate Roy Moore, claiming that the judge molested her on several occasions beginning when the woman was 15 years old.

Attorney Gloria Allred is representing Beverly Young Nelson, who says that Moore first noticed her when she was a waitress at a local restaurant. According to Nelson, the then-District Attorney dined at the restaurant regularly, and would “pull the ends of her hair as he passed by.” He often complimented the teenage girl on her looks.

Nelson said she did “nothing to encourage” this behavior, and “did not respond” to flirtatious overtures. After she turned 16, Nelson says he signed her high school yearbook with a flirtatious message.

“To a sweeter more beautiful girl, I could not say Merry Christmas,” he wrote, signing it with the date – Christmas, 1997 – and the words, “Love, Roy Moore, DA.”

After signing her yearbook, Moore offered to drive Nelson home. Nelson interpreted the offer as nothing more than a gracious gesture. She politely accepted. When she got into Moore’s car, however, the horror truly began. Nelson alleges that Moore locked the car and forcibly groped her as she fought him off. After he attempted to force her into sexual contact, Nelson says “gave up.” Afterwards, Moore allegedly mocked her, saying “You’re just a child, I’m the district attorney. If you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.”

Political Fallout

The chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), said on Monday that the Senate should vote to expel Moore if he wins the Senatorial election. Gardner said that the embattled former judge “does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.” Alabama will choose its next Senator on December 12th.

Some are encouraging outgoing Senator Luther Strange to consider a write-in campaign; though Moore beat Strange handily in a September run-off. A write-in campaign would most likely divide the GOP vote, leading to a win for the Democrats in Alabama. Several incumbent senators have spoken out against Moore. Sens. John McCain and Mitch McConnell have asked the candidate to step aside.  Sens. John Cornyn, Mike Lee, and Steve Daines have all revoked their endorsements.

Five women have now come forward and accused the judge of sexual molestation or assault.

Devin Patrick Kelley, Texas Murderer, Could Not Legally Own a Gun

On Sunday morning, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley dressed in black tactical clothing, walked into a little church in southern Texas, and started shooting. Twenty-six people were dead by the time Kelley left the church. A man who lived next door to the church grabbed his own gun and approached Kelley as he tried to leave. Kelley then dropped his rifle and fled in his car.

Kelley made it 8 miles from the church before dying of a gunshot wound. Two armed neighbors chased him the whole way. Reports conflict as to whether Kelley shot himself, or one of the neighbors delivered the fatal shot.

In the hours following the shooting, state authorities and the FBI scrambled to learn about Kelley’s life. They sought, and are still seeking, answers as to why he would commit such a horrific act. Early investigations have turned up a disturbing pattern.

A Violent and Angry Man

Former classmates remember Kelley as a loner who preached atheism online. Several of them recall him mocking Christians on social media. He had a wife and young daughter, and the church he targeted was where his in-laws frequently prayed.

Kelly was an airman in the United States Air Force, serving in logistics readiness until he was court-martialed in 2012 for assaulting his wife and little girl. According to Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek, Kelley received a bad conduct discharge. The court also sentenced him to 12 months of confinement in a military detention facility.

The domestic violence conviction made it illegal for Kelley to either purchase or own a firearm. Kelly could not have obtained the firearm used in the church shooting legally through a gun dealer; his conviction by general court-martial would have precluded his ability to pass a background check.

Teas Governor Greg Abbott told CNN that Kelly had also been denied a carry permit based on his background; the CNN report also stated that Kelly had threatened his mother-in-law, who sometimes attended services at the church in Sutherland Springs where Kelly carried out his attack.

With the population of Sutherland Springs at only 400 people, the shooting left roughly 4% of the town’s people dead.

Weinstein, Spacey…Alan and Polanski? High Profile Creeps Rattle Hollywood

When several women exposed Harvey Weinstein as a serial harasser and assault perpetrator, they shed light on Hollywood’s dark secret. Many of Tinseltown’s most famous and powerful men used their status to facilitate a string of sexual harassment and abuse. The Weinstein accusations burst open a dam, and terrible reports of sexual assault by the rich and famous are now spilling out en masse.

While many of these crimes happened too long ago to prosecute, the situation underlines an inconvenient truth about Hollywood. Many actors, directors, and film industry titans have created a culture where harassment and assault are considered the price of fame.

The Academy Takes Note

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently revoked Weinstein’s membership, citing his sexual abuse as reason. It has only ever revoked one other person’s membership, on the grounds that he shared movie reels with a film pirate. Their action against Weinstein may hint at more membership revocations to come. If the Academy punishes only Weinstein, their stand against sexual assault will look flimsy. As accusations emerge, many wonder if the Academy might also kick out Hollywood’s other known creeps.

Hollywood’s Serial Abusers

Kevin Spacey offered a non-apology to an actor who says Spacey almost raped him when he was 14. A day later, Netflix cancelled Spacey’s hit show “House of Cards.” Two more men have now come forward to say Spacey assaulted them, too.

Director Roman Polanski continues to direct films even though he fled the country in 1977. Polanski fled in fear after admitting, via plea bargain, that he abused a 13 year old girl.He likely preyed on more than one child. This year alone, two more women have claimed Polanski assaulted them as children.

Actor and filmmaker Woody Allen has a long history of sexual abuse allegations as well. Esquire even published an article showing an extensive list of references to molestation and child sexual abuse in his movies. Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan, has spoken extensively about the abuse she suffered at his hands. Though a court never convicted Allen, many suspect that he

It’s time that Hollywood starts cleaning house. It’s time to get rid of the pedophiles and sex offenders in the entertainment industry.

Mueller Indictments: Is Podesta Next?

Long-time Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta resigned from his position at the Podesta Group following Robert Mueller’s indictment of political operative Paul Manafort on Monday. The indictment never mentions Podesta by name, but sources familiar with the investigation believe that his firm may be one of the unnamed companies in the document. Tony Podesta’s brother, John Podesta, served as chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Podesta’s Russia Ties

Tony Podesta’s dealings came to light as part of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The Podesta Group worked with Manafort to further the interests of pro-Russian groups in Ukraine. Although Manafort’s indictment does not list Tony Podesta by name, both Podesta’s resignation and the revelations of his company’s involvement with Manafort have fueled speculation about ongoing developments in the Russia investigation. Podesta, a career lobbyist, is only the latest of Hillary Clinton’s connections to come under the microscope for shady dealings.

Paul Manafort’s indictment also marks the first criminal charges in Mueller’s long-running probe of Russian activities in the United States. The indictment includes 12 counts, including money laundering and failure to properly register is a lobbyist for a foreign government. Manafort, who previously worked for Ukraine’s pro-Russian former president, also briefly managed President Trump’s campaign. When his Russia ties emerged, Manafort stepped down from the Trump campaign.

Manafort and Gates

Prosecutors allege that Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates illegally funneled payments from Ukrainian clients through offshore companies. This arrangement disguised that the two were receiving payment from a foreign government. Neither of them currently has any connection to the Trump administration, only to the campaign. Mueller’s investigation has turned up no evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russian government.  Mueller’s investigation is still ongoing, and it is not yet clear what action he will take regarding Tony Podesta.

Army Deserter Bergdahl Pleads Guilty

On Monday, October 16th, Army deserter and former Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl pleaded guilty to charges of misbehavior before the enemy and desertion. His upcoming trial at Fort Bragg could end with a sentence of life in prison. In 2009, Bergdahl left his post in Afghanistan and ended up a prisoner of the Taliban. Six of his fellow soldiers died while attempting to search for him. For leaving his post and endangering his fellow soldiers, he was charged at Fort Bragg.

Bergdahl’s Story

Bergdahl claimed that he left his post because he had issues with his command. He told the judge in his recent case that he was trying to go to another base to notify them of specific information. However, Bergdahl’s former platoon members dispute his story. According to Bergdahl, he got lost while traveling to the other base, and the Taliban captured him.  These Taliban fighters ultimately handed him over to the Haqqani network in Pakistan. For years, the Taliban occasionally tortured Bergdahl.

The Army began a search and recovery mission, which led to the injury and death of other soldiers. During the trial, Bergdahl stated that he was unaware of the recovery efforts and that he tried to escape 12 to 15 times. He claims that one of these escape attempts lasted eight days until he was recaptured.

Obama Trades Terrorists for Bergdahl

In May 2014, the Obama administration made a deal with the Taliban to exchange five terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl. According to Obama, Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction.” Critics protested the move and declared that Bergdahl was a traitor. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office eventually decided that the Obama administration broke the law by not providing Congress with notice of its plans.

Bergdahl was originally charged in March 2015. After Trump became president, his lawyers argued that the charges should be dismissed. Since Trump was a vocal critic of Bergdahl, Bergdahl’s lawyers claimed that he would be unable to have a fair trial. A military judge ruled against the defendant, and Bergdahl chose to be tried by a military judge instead of a jury.

The desertion charge carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison. The misbehavior charge, however, could land Bergdahl in prison for life.

High Schooler Shot Dead by Illegal Immigrant

On October 4th, police found the body of Diana Martinez-Gonzalez in the woods near Greenville, South Carolina. The 18 year old had just started her junior year at Greenville High School. An illegal immigrant shot and killed her.

Daniel De Jesus Rangel Sherrer, age 19, believed that Martinez-Gonzalez had spread some sort of rumor about him. He chased her down, shot her, and left her to die in the woods. Officials say that he also held another victim against her will, but that the second victim managed to escape.

Perpetrator Here Illegally

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed to the public that Sherrer, a Mexican national, illegally immigrated to the United States. ICE has issued a detainer for him, which may lead to deportation. Sherrer confessed immediately when approached by deputies, and a judge denied him bond.

Sherrer believed that his victim had been spreading rumors about him, and he killed her as an act of revenge. He will remain in jail before his court hearing. Diana Martinez-Gonzalez leaves behind her parents, a brother, and a sister.


Illegal Immigrant Kills 3, Gets Shockingly Light Sentence

Courtney Hacking’s life changed forever on March 31, 2016. That day, Margarito Quintero-Rosales drove his vehicle head-on into her family’s car. The collision killed her husband, Peter, and their children, Ellie and Grayson.

Quintero-Rosales is an illegal immigrant. He did not hold a driver’s license on the day he made Courtney Hacking a widow. Quintero-Rosales fell asleep at the wheel, and then swerved into the Hackings’ car.

In contrast to his killer, Peter Hacking was a volunteer firefighter who immigrated to the United States legally from the United Kingdom.

An Insulting Sentence

Last week, Quintero-Rosales plead guilty to criminally negligent homicide. The Texas court sentenced him to serve two years in prison. Courtney Hacking felt betrayed by the justice system. Days ago, she told Fox & Friends, “To me, being illegal in this country was a crime on its own, so I don’t understand how he did get only two years. To me, I take it offensively. I take it personally.”


Four months from now, Rosales will walk free from prison. (He has been incarcerated since the accident). On that day, Courtney Hacking will still be grieving her husband and two of her children…and Rosales will still be an illegal immigrant.

5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About the Las Vegas Shooting

In the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas, people are scrambling to uncover information about the deadly attack. Several stories have emerged that are false. We are committed to stopping the spread of fake information. Here are five false statements that some outlets are reporting as fact:

1. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, was an ISIS member.

Paddock has no known connection to ISIS. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but the FBI has found no evidence that ISIS had anything to do with the shooting.

2. Paddock was a loner with no real social ties.

Paddock lived with Marilou Danley, his girlfriend of four years. He had a piece of Danley’s identification at the time of the attack. Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters that law enforcement has located Danley, who was in the Philippines at the time Paddock went on a murdering spree. Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines before unleashing horror at Mandalay Bay. The FBI considers Danley a person of interest and is investigating if she received that wire transfer.

3. Another active shooter situation took place at the University of Southern California.

The school received reports of sounds of gunfire and instated “shelter in place.” Administrators later announced that there was no active shooter, and no danger to the school community. Reports of a shooting at USC – all false – are still circulating.

4. Paddock was politically active and may have been politically motivated.

Various sites have attempted to paint Paddock as an extremist on both sides of the political spectrum. However, Paddock is not known to have any political affiliation at this time. Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, told reporters that Stephen has never been politically engaged. He described the terrorist as a multimillionaire real estate investor.

5. A silencer could have made the shooting more deadly.

Hillary Clinton has resumed a campaign against the NRA, claiming that a silencer would have allowed the killer to shoot more people before the concertgoers realized what was happening. However, a gun silencer does not make the gun silent. A gunshot, even with a silencer, measures between 130-140 decibels. That’s louder than most concerts, which typically clock in around 120 decibels.


Senator Bob Menendez’s Bribery Trial: What You Need to Know

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) might soon find himself behind bars. The Senator is facing federal corruption charges in court this week. He allegedly took bribes from donor Dr. Salomon Melgen in exchange for political favors. Melgen, a Florida opthamologist, is Menendez’s co-defendant in this case.

Menendez Maintains Innocence

Menendez still holds his Senate seat, and he pleads “not guilty” to all charges. Federal prosecutors claim that he pulled strings at the State Department in exchange for donations from Melgen, and that he pressured the Dominican Republic to pursue policies that benefited Melgen’s business.

The charges, including bribery and conspiracy, get even more scandalous: Menendez allegedly secured visas for not one, but several of Melgen’s girlfriends! If convicted, both men could face several years in prison.

However, Menendez wants to remain active in the Senate. He asked the judge for a waiver to travel to D.C. for Senate votes. The judge denied his request.

Media Ignores Party Affiliation

The New York Times entirely omitted Menendez’s party affiliation from their reporting on the trial – until readers told them their story was incomplete. The NYT then added the fact that Menendez is a Democrat; they tucked it away in the article’s 4th paragraph. NBC initially identified Menendez as a Republican, though he has never been part of the GOP.



IRS Re-Hires 213 Criminal Employees

A new report shows that the IRS re-hired 213 fired employees.  While initially employed by the agency, these employees committed offenses like tax evasion, falsifying documents, and misuse of taxpayer data.

Refilling the Swamp?

These “public servants” have access to Americans’ most sensitive financial information. Someone who abuses that power could collect data on innocent citizens and potentially use that information to commit a crime.

The 213 fired employees represent only a fraction of the problem at the IRS. Out of all the IRS employees caught breaking the law, Forbes reports that only 39% get fired. Though the agency demands honesty and accuracy from citizens, it seems to have much lower standards for its own internal dealings.

Commissioner Koskinen Under Fire

The re-hiring began in late 2015, under the leadership of Commissioner John Koskinen. Koskinen, an Obama appointee, faced impeachment hearings last Fall regarding the alleged targeting of conservative groups.

A year later, the IRS faces public scrutiny yet again.