ICE Agents Use Digital Advocacy to Secure the Border

Border patrol agents are banding together as part of a grassroots campaign to reform their agency. U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees want swift and decisive action from the President, and they’re using digital media to accomplish their objectives. The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, made up of ICE employees and supporters of […]

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November 13, 2017 Monday Morning Memo

Trump Honors American Veterans President Trump honored our military veterans during his travel to Vietnam on Veterans Day. He delivered a speech before American veterans, saying, “To each of you with me today, you are the heroes who fulfill your duty to our nation. And each of you, under the most difficult conditions, did what […]

Trump in South Korea: 6 Things to Know

President Trump landed in Korea last night as part of his 13-day tour of Asia. He met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in to discuss trade deals and national security. Here are 6 things you should know about the historic visit. “Do not underestimate us. Do not try us.” President Trump issued a stern warning […]

“Jane Doe,” Illegal Immigrant, Gets Abortion

Earlier this year, a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant crossed the United States-Mexico border. Authorities apprehended the girl, known only as Jane Doe, at the border. They brought her to a detention center that houses unaccompanied minors. At the center, Jane Doe underwent a medical exam and learned that she was pregnant. Many Americans would argue that […]

Devin Patrick Kelley, Texas Murderer, Could Not Legally Own a Gun

On Sunday morning, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley dressed in black tactical clothing, walked into a little church in southern Texas, and started shooting. Twenty-six people were dead by the time Kelley left the church. A man who lived next door to the church grabbed his own gun and approached Kelley as he tried to leave. […]

Monday Morning Memo – November 6, 2017

Nation Mourns for Sutherland Springs On Sunday, a gunman entered First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and opened fire. The murderer killed 26 people and injured at least 20 others. The 14 year old daughter of the church’s pastor is among those who lost their lives. Victims range in age from 5 to 72. […]

Grassroots Success Story: Neighbors Harvest 600 Acres for Family of Fallen Farmer

Joe Penny was a devoted father, caring friend, and busy farmer until he tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident in August. At 65 years old, Joe still worked as a soybean farmer on the same piece of land where he grew up. The Penny family lived on their land outside Decatur, Nebraska, for […]

When several women exposed Harvey Weinstein as a serial harasser and assault perpetrator, they shed light on Hollywood’s dark secret. Many of Tinseltown’s most famous and powerful men used their status to facilitate a string of sexual harassment and abuse. The Weinstein accusations burst open a dam, and terrible reports of sexual assault by the […]

Mueller Indictments: Is Podesta Next?

Long-time Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta resigned from his position at the Podesta Group following Robert Mueller’s indictment of political operative Paul Manafort on Monday. The indictment never mentions Podesta by name, but sources familiar with the investigation believe that his firm may be one of the unnamed companies in the document. Tony Podesta’s brother, John […]

Monday Morning Memo – October 30, 2017

Manafort and Gates Indicted in Russia Probe An unknown leaker told the press that special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury has approved several charges as part of the Russia probe. The indictment remained sealed over the weekend, but both Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are expected to turn themselves in today. Manafort faces 12 charges, […]

Tech Companies Use Petitions to Cut Red Tape

Every startup faces challenges, particularly with regulation and bureaucracy. Airbnb constantly fights for permission for private citizens to rent their own homes, as the hotel industry fights to ban this (literal) cottage industry. Netflix is fighting for net neutrality, so that powerful internet companies cannot slow down its videos. Uber Vs. Bureaucracy Harvard Business School […]

North Korea Hacks U.S.-South Korea War Plans

New intelligence reports reveal that North Korean hackers swiped hoards of classified intelligence via a cyberattack on South Korean military computer networks back in September 2016. South Korean lawmaker Rhee Cheol-hee indicated that 235 gigabytes of military documents had been stolen from the Defence Integrated Data Centre, and that 80% of those documents have yet […]

High Schooler Shot Dead by Illegal Immigrant

On October 4th, police found the body of Diana Martinez-Gonzalez in the woods near Greenville, South Carolina. The 18 year old had just started her junior year at Greenville High School. An illegal immigrant shot and killed her. Daniel De Jesus Rangel Sherrer, age 19, believed that Martinez-Gonzalez had spread some sort of rumor about […]

Formerly Anti-Trump Celeb Now Backs The President

Bryan Cranston has harsh words for anyone who wants to see Trump fail. Now that Trump’s first term has begun, the Breaking Bad star is rallying behind the President. While some people want to see the Trump presidency crumble, Cranston realizes that any failed presidency is bad for America. Earlier this week, he shared his views with The […]