Concealed Carry Almost Lands Veteran a 3-Year Jail Sentence

Marine Corps Veteran Hisashi Pompey has served three tours overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. He almost served his next three years in prison – and would have, if not for a last-second effort by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. What crime did the decorated veteran commit? He carried a firearm – which was legally registered […]

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The Nation’s Oldest School Choice Program Sees Strong Results

“School choice” has always existed for the wealthy and middle-class families who have the money to enroll their kids in private schools or to live in better public school districts. In past decades, a child from a low-income household had no choice but to attend the local public school. That system sentenced millions of poor […]

Two Illegal Immigrants Suspected of Raping Teenage Classmate

On March 16th, two high school freshmen allegedly forced a female classmate into a bathroom stall at Rockville High School and raped her. The two suspects are illegal immigrants from Central America who were also enrolled as freshmen at the school. Police arrested Henry Sanchez and Jose Montano, the alleged attackers, at school that day. […]

Pres. Trump: “Common Core is a very bad thing”

President Trump made many promises to the American people. He supports school choice and he rejects the Common Core. He has threatened to make cuts to the Department of Education, due to its federal overreach in K-12 school curricula. People mistakenly think that school choice is a threat to public education. They believe that if […]

Will Susan Rice Ever Face Consequences of Unmasking?

Susan Rice is sticking to her story, “I leaked nothing to nobody.”  But the more we learn, the less that seems true. Rice used her power as one of Obama’s National Security Advisers to “unmask” members of Trump’s team. Unmasking is rare, and only done by high-ranking officials when there is a matter of national security […]

Winston-Salem Fights Over “Sanctuary” Status

The City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, might soon become a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. Councilman Dan Besse announced a proposal to declare Winston-Salem a “welcoming city” last February. While the proposal does not include the word “sanctuary,” Councilman Robert Clark knows that it aims to create a sanctuary city without the title. Besse avoided the “sanctuary” […]

United Airlines had a man forcibly dragged off a flight. Will the FAA do anything about it?

On the night of April 9th, 2017, a 69 year old man boarded United Flight 3411 from Chicago O’Hare to Louisville. He sat down in his seat, just like any other passenger. This man – a doctor – was traveling home to Louisville, where he would see patients the next day.  United needed to transfer four employees […]

IRS Empties Bank Account of Local Gun Shop

In August 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seized every dollar from the bank account Andrew Clyde used for his business, a gun shop called Clyde’s Armory. Clyde, a veteran of the Iraq War, was robbed of nearly $1 million. His criminal offense? Clyde made deposits of less than $10,000 into his business account – which […]

Gorsuch Confirmed to Justice Scalia’s Supreme Court Seat

The U.S. Senate finally confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, following a 14-month partisan battle over the vacancy. This confirmation vote “ends the longest Supreme Court vacancy since 1862 during the American Civil War.” Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” Earlier this week, Democrats attempted to block the vote with a filibuster by Sen. Jeff Merkley. Constitutional […]

Mylan Faces Lawsuit Over EpiPen Pricing

In January, Christina Kollmeyer made a routine trip to her local pharmacy for her son’s EpiPen medication. The new price of the drug left her stunned. The same EpiPen that cost Kollmeyer $313.38 in October of 2016 would now cost her $735.09. Mylan, a pharmaceutical company, purchased EpiPen and sharply raised the price. Cost of the life-saving injection […]

Who “Unmasked” Trump Associates? Obama Adviser Susan Rice

One week ago, Democrats wanted you to believe that the Obama administration never conducted any surveillance of the Trump team. A few days ago, Democrats (and the mainstream media) wanted you to believe that any and all surveillance of Trump’s inner circle was purely incidental. What now? Today, we know that Susan Rice went to […]

CDC Study Shows Danger of Opting-Out your Flu Shot

The flu kills between 4,000 and 50,000 people in the United States annually, depending on the type of strain. The flu shot can minimize these deaths. Parents still mistakenly believe it is harmful to their children. More Americans are at risk of infection during the 2016-2017 flu season, according to the Center for Disease Control.  Only 40% of Americans are […]

City Officials Quiet on Skyrocketing Electricity Bills in East Point

“The total amount due is $744.08,” said East Point resident Nakia Shabazz, reading from her electric bill. “It’s always been ridiculous…and there’s no way, absolutely no way a two bedroom or even a one bedroom can accumulate this much power.” The Atlanta suburb of East Point, located just south of the city, might have been […]