Kanye West Strives for Unity with Kaepernick, Trump Outfit

Music mega-star Kanye West has once again confounded fans with his political fashion choices. Yesterday in New York City, he wore a MAGA hat along with a Colin Kaepernick shirt. Trump and Kaepernick famously disagree about the appropriateness of kneeling protests during the national anthem. The President once called Kaepernick a “son of a b****,” […]

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Kavanaugh, Tiger, and a Migrant Surge

The weekend’s top news stories, brought to you by StandUnited. Another Kavanaugh Accuser Ronan Farrow and Jane Meyer published the story of Deborah Ramirez in The New Yorker. Ramirez says that Kavanaugh behaved inappropriately towards her at a party in college. According to the piece, “In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant […]

American Legislators’ Craziest Gaffes

We all learned in school that Congress has 535 members. However, you might not know that America has 7,383 state legislators! With such a big number of lawmakers, some of them are bound to make unusual comments. The people on this list are far from the typical cookie-cutter politician. Read on to learn about some […]

Obama Library Halts Construction, May Pay $10 Rent

Chicago residents are suing the Obama Presidential Library on the grounds that the city of Chicago unfairly gave a chunk of Jackson Park to be used for the library’s construction. Jackson Park, a large green space intended for public use, lies at the center of this debate. Months ago, the Chicago City Council granted use […]

Trump Knocks Sessions, Says “I don’t have an Attorney General”

President Trump has lost all confidence in Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to a new interview with The Hill. Trump says Sessions has failed to support his administration on several levels. Multiple Controversies Trump has sharply criticized Sessions’ decision to recuse himself to the investigation into alleged collusion with Russia. However, Trump says his discomfort […]

Project Veritas Exposes Socialist Network Inside Government

A new investigation by Project Veritas revealed that some government employees are actively working against the administration. Undercover journalists captured employees on video talking about how they and their colleagues will stall Trump initiatives whenever possible. Subversion Across Departments Allison Hrabar works as a paralegal at the Department of Justice. She is also a member […]

Good Samaritan Uses School Bus to Rescue Animals from Florence

When most people think about helping animals, they usually think of adopting a pet or being conscious of how they consume animal products. Tony Alsup is no ordinary person. When Hurricane Harvey hit last year, he wanted to save as many animals as possible from the devastating floods. He bought a school bus and drove […]

Mother of MS-13 Victim Killed at Daughter’s Memorial

The mother of a teenage girl who was killed by MS-13 died after being struck by an SUV at her daughter’s memorial on Friday. Evelyn Rodriguez, 50, organized the vigil to mark the anniversary of the day a motorist found her daughter’s body in the woods. Rodriguez lost her daughter, Kayla Cuevas, to gang violence in […]

The U.S. Constitution – Facts You Haven’t Heard!

The U.S. Constitution is our nation’s founding document and its highest law. Every kid in school learns the basics of when “We the People” decided to establish a republic. But what about the stuff you don’t learn in school? The Constitution has a rich history that most people never learn. The Document Preparing the final […]

Dianne Feinstein Teases Secret Letter Against Kavanaugh

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) says she has information that should block Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. However, she is keeping the mysterious letter a secret – even from her Democratic colleagues. Feinstein gave the letter to the F.B.I., though she still will not discuss the allegations against Kavanaugh. The Letter, Revealed? Following 4 […]

Cajun Navy Arrives in Carolinas To Assist With Florence Recovery

As much of the eastern seaboard braces for Hurricane Florence, the Cajun Navy is prepared to bring food, aid, and shelter to people who need it most. The group of citizen boaters organized a massive expedition into the Carolinas. Many are driving into the storm from Texas and Louisiana. A Storied History When Hurricane Katrina […]

Suspect Accused of Defacing Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery

Police in Somerville, Massachusetts are investigating an alleged defacement of a WWII Veterans Memorial Cemetery. A local citizen, George Gatteny, saw a young man pull out a handful of American flags planted by a statue. Then, the suspect allegedly threw the flags on the ground and urinated on them. The male suspect was accompanied by […]

Steele “Afraid” of Being “Exposed,” According to DOJ Email

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr wrote that Michael Steele felt “afraid they will be exposed” after President Trump fired James Comey. Ohr, a former Associate Deputy Attorney General, served as a major contact for Steele even after the F.B.I. stopped using him as a source. In an email, he wrote that Steele felt “very […]

The Presidents’ Most Famous Pets

Many First Families have enjoyed the love and companionship that animals bring. Though most modern presidents have had dogs or cats, earlier presidents sometimes lived with unusual creatures. Martha Washington and Dolley Madison, for example, each had a parrot! Theodore Roosevelt owned 5 bears, not to mention the hyena, lion, and zebra that also lived […]