Elementary School Teacher Tells Black Students They Are “Rats”

In May, elementary school teacher Jordan Cataldo went on a racist, hateful tirade in front of her students. She told her class that black students are “rats” who are “infest[ing] the class.” These days, false allegations of racism are everywhere. But, this instance is undoubtedly racist and flat-out unacceptable. To make matters worse, Cataldo still […]

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Up to 100 Girls Maimed by Muslim Doctor’s FGM Clinic

Federal authorities have changed their estimate of how many little girls were maimed at the Burhani Medical Clinic, whose owner and associates await trial on charges of female genital mutilation. The investigation began with two victims, but federal prosecutors now say that up to 100 girls may have been irreparably maimed at the clinic. Female […]

Trump Approves Pipeline; Activists Block Construction

Environmental activists are ramping up a new protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL).  This comes just months after the failed Dakota Access Pipeline protests, at which protesters literally destroyed the area with trash. These “environmentalTheir environmentalist message was tarnished by the heaps of trash and debris they left behind. This time around, the solar […]

Congress Proposes National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Members of Congress are poised to take action on concealed carry permit reciprocity. One question remains: Will the new law cover only legislators, or all of us? In the wake of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, our elected representatives rightfully worried for their safety. On the day of the shooting, Rep. Thomas Massie proposed […]

Three Petition Wins for StandUnited

StandUnited chalked up three wins last week! Petition Victories: Anti-white racist Trinity College Professor put on indefinite leave: Professor Johnny Eric Williams posted an article to Facebook, hashtagging “LetThemF***ingDie,” in reference to white people. Our petition author, Luis Carvallo, called for Trinity College to denounce this anti-white racism, and terminate the professor. This week, Trinity College […]

Armed IRS Agents Raid Bridal Shop

The IRS broke its own agency rules by raiding and pillaging a family-owned bridal store. The government is now fighting the couple on technicalities, after it sold away their livelihood without charging them with a crime. IRS = Internal Raiding Service? In March of 2015, the Thangsongcharoens, who own Mii’s Bridal & Tuxedo in Dallas, […]

No Snowflakes Here – College Students Want Libertarian to Debate

A group of Liberty University students are fighting to let a Libertarian candidate debate the Republican and Democrat nominees for governor of Virginia.  Historically, most states have limited gubernatorial debates to only the Republican and Democrat nominees. Third-party (or no-party) candidates almost never make it to the debate stage. This year, Libertarian candidate Cliff Hyra […]

Non-Discrimination Ordinance Causes Overregulation

On July 11th, the Parkersburg City Council will hear a presentation in favor of a new city ordinance. The Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO) goes beyond prohibiting discrimination, and instead gives special advantages to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Ironically, the NDO might allow or encourage discrimination against private businesses and religious organizations. Parkersburg residents never intended to […]

TSA Faces Backlash for New Book Rule

This week, the TSA began requiring travelers at some airports to remove books from their luggage before going through the security scanner. The TSA says that thick papers block the view inside scanned bags. In airports in California and Missouri, passengers are now required to remove books from their bags and send them through the […]

Accused Cop Killer May Not Face Death Penalty

Travis Boys shot and killed Officer Daryle Holloway two years ago this month. In New Orleans, on the morning of June 20, 2015, police arrested the then-33-year-old Boys for aggravated assault against his wife. After booking at a local jail, Officer Holloway drove Boys to what was then Orleans Parish Prison. Boys maneuvered his way […]

Fight to Save Soldier’s Memorial Cross Goes Nationwide

A local campaign to save the Ocotillo Wells Memorial Cross is attracting nationwide attention following an article published in Breitbart. The cross is dedicated to Jim Bruce Robinson, a native of Ocotillo Wells, California, who was killed while serving in Vietnam. Robinson was 21 years old. For 51 years, the cross has stood as a […]

Applying for Social Security? You Might Be Judged On Looks.

The arm of the Social Security Administration that determines who can receive benefits is at the center of a major harassment scandal. Several employees from the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) report harassment, abuse, and neglect from their managers. Now, those employees are speaking up to end the mismanagement of such a vital […]